Als Research is a highly specialized consultancy company originating from the world of academia and rooted in the traditions of humanistic and social sciences. We are a cross-disciplinary company with extensive experience in using both traditional and innovative methodological designs and data analyses.

Our work is strongly based in a holistic approach to knowledge production and methodology and our portfolio entails a variety of both creative and engaging clients and projects.

We work with evaluations, knowledge mapping, campaigns and other consultancy tasks and we have 20 years of experience as a knowledge base covering everything from education, employment, and integration to gender equality, health and social care, and honor-based violence and conflict.

In Als Research, we see society and its components as both complex and multifaceted and so our modus operandi always entails an abductive approach that accommodates and integrates this complexity into our work. Working in a dynamic and rapidly changing society requires respect and curiosity about the target groups and fields with which we work. For this reason, we always use individually tailored designs for all our tasks and projects.

Our work is based on the idea that each unique project and knowledge interest must determine the methodology of our research designs and so we use a wide range of methodological tools such as surveys, register analyses, in-depth interviews, focus groups, web analyses, and observations to map and clarify the scope of a specific problem or task.

By doing so, we ensure that our work is creative, flexible, and cohesive, thus creating the best conditions for producing knowledge with professional integrity.

Call us on tel. 33 99 77 78 or write to kontakt@alsresearch.dk